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My Conscience, For Me, By Providence and of My Religious Faith

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Disclaimer, This Article is My Express View of marriage equality and does not represent Forumotion or any person(s) or entity associated with Forumotion. Furthermore,the Contents of this article is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution

The First Amendment says the following, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”

As an American citizen, I believe everyone's religious faith (as outlined in the above amendment) should be protected by the Federal and State Governments. At no time should any branch legislate, execute or impede American’s the right and privilege to practice both privately and publicly their religious convictions.

I say these words with a heavy heart and a deep concern that our Federal Government persuaded by an inordinate thirst for universal equality is attempting to force all religious entities (Especially Christians) to abandoned their faith and embrace certain issues and/or lifestyles that are contrary to heart and conscience.

Example of This Enforcement

In 2015, the United States Supreme Court with a ruling of 5 to 4 basically said regardless of the 1st Amendment’s Religious right that gay marriage must be accepted by every American Citizen. This ruling was contrary to everything I as a Christian believes in. I know what you are thinking, the 1st Amendment not only says the Government can not oppose religion but also support religion thus the court’s ruling upheld this provision…not exactly……..The US Constitution is the greatest earthly document on earth but our founders never installed within the document anything pacifically about the right to marry…was this an oversight or did our founders have a reason for not speaking about marriage? They had one major reason.

Marriage is an act of heart, soul and conscience thus it falls under the universal law of “personal” morality thus “We the People” set the rules of marriage individually or as a group of individuals based on our moral codes. The founders understood this and restrained the powers of the Federal Government by not including a marriage amendment. This restraining gave and/or emphasized the people’s freedom of each state to decide what the boundaries of marriage should be. Here is how this unwritten rule works and how opposing it is wrong.

My Own Personal Experience

In 2005, my home state decided to vote on marriage equality (gay and lesbian marriage). As a Christian I voted to ban such unions based on my moral code and with millions of others outlawed gay marriage. This was our right but unfortunately our Governor and Courts wrongly overturned our right to express our conscience. This action by the Governor and Court system was exactly what our founders were afraid of…if marriage had been part of the Constitution; the Federal Government could then legislate it and hence forth set up precedence to legislate all moral codes. Imagine the US Congress passing a law forbidding Christians attending Church on certain days; imagine Jews being forced to stop celebrating Hanukka; imagine none violent or good Muslims being imprisoned for just being a Muslim.

I don’t have to imagine too far because we are at the door steps of Government legislated morality. While this up evil started decades ago, it has been accelerated under both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations. This acceleration will continue to grow as more and more people lose the ability to personally conceive right and wrong....but it can be stopped, if we.........

As a people, as a Government by the people, of the people and for the people stop the dangerous practice of governing morality…We must leave all moral conduct including the boundaries and principles of marriage to the people of each state……as individuals, we must be allowed to practice and expound our moral codes or we will become automatons following not our own individuality but the ethical programming of the Federal Government and it’s special interests.

With this being said, the Supreme Court’s Ruling to allow marriage equality should be overturned and the issue sent back to "We The People" of each state where in the silence of our soul, we can examine the issue by applying it to tradition, science and personal conscience and as a united body vote our convictions….. If gay marriage is accepted or banned, the people on both sides can continue to voice their opposition and support without Government intrusion.

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