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The Abortion of Conscience and Responsibility

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The foundation of every society is “the family.” To be more blunt, the foundation of every society is a family consisting of a husband, wife and if medical status allows, children but modern liberalism has disturbed this natural institution and replaced it with a cruel and contrary act called “Abortion on Demand.” This act is a betrayal of responsibility and a lapse of conscience but here is the bottom line question…Are all abortions wrong? To answer this question, we must define the three main reasons for having an abortion.

Abortion on Demand or General Abortion

This is the elephant in the room and the most inflammatory type of abortion… Here is the scene…..A woman and man engages in a mutual relationship; the result of the relationship is an unwanted pregnancy. The key word here is “Mutual” because the couple freely chose to have sexual intercourse and when anyone makes a choice that person is responsible for the consequences. Unfortunately, forty years ago, the courts decided to remove this responsibility by legalizing General Abortion. This decision was wrong then and it is wrong now because life created by mutuality is under the umbrella of "Free Will" which was given to all humans by GOD. No other creature on earth has the ability to make decisions based on thought; no other creature is responsible for making a choice...only man-kind is and thus removing this responsibility is an attack on nature and a violation of God's blessing on society.

Abortion Due to Rape

Most Christians believe all Abortions are wrong but I am not in agreement with most of my fellow Christians because (as I said above) God has granted every person the ability to make choices but what does "Free Will" have to do with Rape? Its simple, when a woman is raped, her free will is violated; in fact, her entire being is violated...she is emotionally murdered! Under these circumstances, the God given right of personal choice is not part of the equation and thus an abortion is not immoral or against the law of God....on the flip side, if the woman decides to have the child, then no one should oppose her choice....I know GOD would not!

Abortion Due to the Life of the Mother

This type of abortion is self-explanatory. The situation-a mother in the process of having a child is told she is not going to live unless she aborts her child. She makes a heartbreaking decision to have the abortion because she wants to live. This is a heartbreaking situation and even though Free Will is involved, the mother's decision is not based on avoiding responsibility and thus there is no moral principle broken.

Back to the Question

Are all Abortions Wrong? As you read above, not all abortions are wrong but the act of having a general abortion to avoid financial and parental responsibility is wrong...In fact, abortion on demand is not only an abortion on Responsibility but it is an abortion of the Conscience!

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