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I Will Vote My Conscience and Vote Never Trump

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Eight years ago, I voted for Senator Barack Obama because I considered him the right candidate to fix the economic decay left behind by President George W. Bush. Eight years later, my decision has been moderately verified; America is no longer teetering on the brink of another Great Depression; the Auto industry has recovered and unemployment is officially at 4.9% but things are not perfect. The National debt is $19 Trillion; the jury is still out on Obamacare; Syria and Libya is a quagmire; Russia is once again flexing it’s cold dictatorship and ISIS though depleted is still murdering the innocent people around the globe.

Yes, we are living in dangerous times and the road ahead will be paved by either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Donald J. Trump. Who will be the next leader of the free world? My preference is Hillary Clinton but millions across the nation will vote for Donald Trump because he is the Republican nominee; others will vote for him because they hate Mrs. Clinton and there will be some embroiled in bigotry casting their vote to make America white again.

If you are a Trump supporter or even undecided, you might be wondering, Why Not? Why not vote for Trump who will bring change to America? Are You Sure? Is Trump really an agent of change or his he running a con game? Let’s Find Out.

Trump's Economic Plan

Mr. Trump's economic plan is not a new or twenty-first century plan. It consists of major tax cuts for the most rich in America coupled with a 75% reduction in regulations. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that a economic plan such as this will add to the debt and destroy jobs as Corporations simply pocket the tax breaks. As for the reduction in regulations; a 75% cut would create a vacuum where Corporations legally cut corners..Remember Flint Michigan. As you can see, this is not an example of change but a return to policies that created the great recession of 2006.

Trump's Racist Problem

We can argue whether Trump is a racist or a racist opportunist but the bottom line is simple. Racism in all forms has followed Trump all his life. In the 1970s he discriminate against African Americans applying for Apartments; in 1989, he wrote a op-ed calling for the restoration of the Death Penalty in New York to execute African Americans who were wrongly accused of a crime and during his 2016 Presidential campaign, Mr. Trump has labeled all Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals plus repeatedly used the racial term "You People" when referring to people of color. Is Trump a Racist? Yes. Is Trump a Racist Opportunist? Yes. Is Trump's racism change? No,its the same mindset that has inhabited Americans for centuries.

Trump's Woman Problem

Trump is not only a racist; he is also a chauvinist and a confessed sexual predator. You can't logically argue against this because Mr. Trump has been married three times which in my Christian world makes him an Adulterer; he has confessed on video that he touches and kisses women without consent; he calls women he dislikes pigs; he attacked Cary Fiorina and Fox News anchor Megan Kelly during the primary debates fro simply disagreeing with him. Overall Mr. Trump attacks women because he believes he is superior; he believes God gave him this greatness and how dare any woman stand up to him.

In conclusion, Mr. Trump is not change because he embodies a 19th century mindset and in his little world only white men and submissive women are good. I disagree with Hillary Clinton on Several issues but Donald J. Trump is a political Neanderthal who cares nothing about Democracy...his motto, Make America Great Again is a falsehood..a tagline to the White House where he will use his power to make himself and his comrades richer.

For These Reasons above and More, I will Vote My Conscience on November 8th and Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton!

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