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The First Thirty Days of Donald Trump's Presidency

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Television Interviews, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Meetings, Photo-ops and a few Executive Orders that may or may not be initiated. These are the things, our new President (Donald Trump) has accomplished since taking the oath of office in January. But if you listen to Press Secretary Spicer, Kellyanne Conway, Miller and others, Mr. Trump has done more in 20 days than any President in history. Really? You Mean, Mr. Trump saved America from a Great Depression as FDR did or kept us from another one as Obama did?  Wait, there is this presumption that Trump has created a stock market revolution...let me burst the bubble Trump and his comrades live in....The Stock Market doubled under Obama's term and unemployment fell 50%.

I know what you are thinking

Trump started the border wall...the Wall will never be built and if it is, it will cost Americans $20+ Billion....and no, Mexico is not going to reimburse us.

Trump approved the Keystone Pipeline...Read This and Get Back to Me- Keystone Pipeline

He protected America by banning refugees from seven I even need to respond?

He started the ball rolling on repealing Obamacare...OK, I will giver you this one when and if the GOP replace it with something better!

Back to My Question

What has Donald Trump Done? Absolutely nothing substantial!

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